Month: May 2022

Citi Trends: Q1 2022

What were the last Citi Trends results? On May 24th, Citi Trends published a press release with the results for its first quarter of 2022. In it, they confirmed their previous guidance, disclosing a decrease of revenue of 27%...

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Cows: The best hedge against inflation

Last week I read an article in The Economist that caught my attention. Given the known issue with inflation in Zimbabwe, a businessman there has created a company that allows investing in cows in order to get a pension in the...

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Sonos: Update of Q2 2022

Sonos Inc designs, develops, manufactures, and sells audio products and services. It distributes its products in over 50 countries. Last May 11th, it presented its results for its second quarter of 2022 (which ended on April...

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