Author: Alphyst

Card Factory: Deleveraging

What were the last results of Card Factory ($CARD)? On May 3rd, Card Factory published itsĀ annual report for FY 2022. The revenue went up by 27.8% year-over-year, reaching GBP364.4 million. But, this is not a good comparison...

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Inditex: Back to normal

What were the last results of Inditex ($ITX)? On June 8th, Inditex released itsĀ first-quarter results, where basically, they disclosed a significant rebound due to the increase in traffic in its stores. In the report, first of...

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Zumiez: Results Q1 2023

On June 2nd, Zumiez published its results for the 13 weeks ending on April 30th and held the correspondent conference call. Results were in line with the guidance and with the results being reported for the rest of discretionary...

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